Apple iPad Specs changed as it Generations

Apple Inc. developed a great handy device for the users of idevices with the name of iPad, the company trying to make it easy to use and reliable for the company’s customers. Here are the Apple iPad spaces and features released by the company in different eras.

Apple iPad Specs

This is just like a tablet computer and a large number of businessmen are using this extraordinary device while traveling outside of the city as this is easy to carry anywhere and easy to use in traveling as compare to laptops or mini laptops. would be a good source for those people who want to be updated with the latest products of the Apple Inc.

Apple iPad Specs

• The device is released by the company in different parts and they named it generations, so the first generation was released in April 2010 with Wi-Fi compatibility just for the American users. There was System-on-chip used in the first generations of iPads along with the Apple A4 technology.

• After that the company added WI-Fi + 3G technology in the same generation iPad. It was internationally released in May 2010. The 2nd generation of Apple A5 technology with better usage.
• Apple iPad spaces were changed in the 2nd generation in March 2011. The company announced their 3rd generation iPad after a year in March 2012 with Apple A5X.
• The company makes their 4th generation with a new device named iPad Mini in November 2012 with Apple A6X.
The Operating system using in this Apple device named iOS and now the 4th generation of iPad which has been developed recently are using iOS 6.1 which is a latest version of Apple’s world famous software.

The device can be used for 10 hours without plug with the electricity the Built-in rechargeable battery of the device makes it using more reliable for the people who want to use it while traveling as it can provide quality battery life especially for office work.

When the Apple iPad spaces were released for its Mini product there was Apple A5 technology was released in their new device. CafeiOS team is providing quality information about the new products of Apple to know about the team visit

The company makes their device most reliable for their uses that why it was estimated that Apple Inc. was named as most admired companies of 2012 in the list of every type of companies. Now the Apple iPad spaces and features are increasing as day pass along with the latest products of the company with new versions of iOS.


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